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Tap Tournament is a top down, local multiplayer, one tap game for tablet and mobile, that pits players against each other in a medieval tournament of skill and reaction time.

Once battle commences, competitors must bat a ball of magical energy between each other, making sure not to get hit, with each successful swing increasing the ball's momentum.

Not only that, but they must battle for magical power-ups that change the properties of the ball, with unpredictable and awesome effects!

Get medieval, and challenge your friends to a round of Tap Tournament!

"'a finger-jabbing free-for-all meltdown'"

- Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

"Pocket Gamer Big Indie Mixer, 3rd Place" Brighton, 14 July, 2015


- Simple and Intuitive Controls

- Engaging Competitive Combat For Everyone

- Ever Expanding Roster of Colourful Characters

- Breathtaking Multitude of Environments

- Challenging Array of Achievements

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